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Tucson Jazz Society Concert-Westward Look Resort
photo-Josh Young

Desert Diamond VIP Party
Mark Usvolk, Larry, Gil Rodriguez

At The Heard Museum Opening Surprise Az.
Photo by Kim Hadleigh

Larry playing flugelhorn
photo by Kim Hadleigh

Photo By Kim Hadleigh

The Grenoble Lion, Grenoble France
photo by Larry Redhouse

At The Tucson Museum of Art
Mike Levy, Larry and Robin Horn

The Trio at Twins Jazz Club Washington DC
Ed Friedland, Robin Horn, and Larry

Photo by Mike Wilson
Larry, Ed Friedland and Robin Horn at Smithsonian

  This trio format- (below) Larry Redhouse-piano (right), Lenny Redhouse-drums (center), and Kirk Kuykendall -acoustic bass (left),
played at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC at the famed Jazz Club on September 19th, 2004 to a packed house and rave reviews! 
  The trio also performed at HR57 a Center for the Preservation of Jazz and Blues in Washington where such noteable musicians as Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter and James Moody have played.
  The trio consisting of Ed Friedland on bass, Robin Horn, drums and Larry, piano, performed at Washington DC's Museum of the American Indian on September 28th 2005. The trio also performed at DC's twins jazz club where such noteables as Sonny Fortune and Fathead Newman can be heard. 

Kirk Kirkendall, Lenny and Larry Redhouse
photo by Josh Young

Ed Friedland, Larry and Gil Rodriguez
at performance for French Delegation of Grenoble

Larry, Mayor of Grenoble France and Derrick Davis
at The Well's Fargo Museum, Phoenix Az.

Vince, Charlotte and Larry
Photo by Josh Young

Andy Bourke at The Glendale Chocalate Affaire
photo by Patti Horton


Lenny Redhouse
Photo Nancy Smith-Jones

Lenny Redhouse- above, one of the most naturally gifted drummers in the southwest, displays incredible interplay with Larry and Andy's spontaneously open approach to the music.    

Larry in his Northern Traditional regalia

recently finished eagle bustle
University of Arizona Pow Wow

Tucson Citizen music critic Daniel Buckley described Larry's playing as"complex, percussive, yet groove busting and spirited throughout, his tunes sting and dance to a variety of rhythmic accents.Larry' solos are likewise stupefying, charged with energy, pulling the rhythm as they soar McCoy Tyner-like with a mixture of scope, logic and knowing integrity.Larry's playing never fails to leave one slack jawed in its wake".
(Tucson Citizen, June 19,1997)
 The Larry Redhouse Trio is a fresh and original musical voice. It brings an honest message of deep, emotional, musical expression. The Trio brings with it many years of performing experience.Larry's goal now is to expand his performance areas nationally and internationally and play more large concert venues. 
Larry has never sought to be a "fad musician". He hasn't wavered in his vision of improvising and playing through life's song, with his heart.

Opening for Terrance Blanchard and Donald Harrison
Opening for Terrance Blanchard.jpg
Photo by Charlotte Redhouse

Larry Redhouse
photo by Lynn Trockelman

The Redhouse Band at St Phillips
Photo by Josh Young

Larry at Loew's Ventana Canyon Resort
Photo by Nancy Smith-Jones

Lenny Redhouse
Photo -Nancy Smith Jones

Lenny Redhouse at The Glendale Chocolate Affaire
photo by Patti Horton

Chick Corea photo by Larry Redhouse
chickcoreaphoto by larry redhouse.jpg
Chick Corea playing at concert

"Chick Corea, one of the great jazz pianists, influenced me a great deal ,along with Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock and many others. I have learned that the most important aspect of improvising in music was to find my own voice".
 --larry redhouse 

Terrance Blanchard, Donald Harrison
Blanchard-Harrison photo by Charlotte Redhouse.jpg
Photo by Charlotte Redhouse

Mr. Redhouse and his Quartet, LRQ, opened for the Terrance Blanchard and Donald Harrison Quintet, a heavy weight, progressive straight ahead jazz ensemble. Both Blanchard and Harrison had completed a stint playing with the legendary drummer Art Blakey.Currently, Terrance Blanchard has been composing many filmscores. His playing can be heard on Spike Lee's film about a struggling jazz trumpeter," Mo Better Blues".

The trio's sound has evolved into a modern sound of mature,original jazz  innovation, with an edge of raw creative energy. Larry utilizes the timeless format of the classic accoustic trio.Then with a slight twist, from his arsenal of electronic keyboards, he adds colorfully natural synth sounds, giving the compositions added emotional depth.    

The Larry Redhouse Trio
Photo by Nancy Smith Jones

Larry Redhouse
Photo at Piano-On Pause.jpg
Photo by Nancy Smith-Jones

Larry playing the trumpet
Photo by Nancy Smith -Jones

Lenny and Andy at The Glendale Chocalate Affaire
Photo by Patti Horton

The E4 Nightclub Scottsdale Az.
Photo by Larry Redhouse

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