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  History of the Redhouse Dancers

  The Redhouse Dancers was started by Rex Redhouse, a member of the Navajo Nation in the late 60's. The dance group consists of Redhouse family members: Mary; Charlotte; Vince; Tony; Lenny  and Larry. Initially, the group performed in California around the Monterey Pennisula area. Then, when Rex and Maria moved the family to Tucson in the early 70's, The Redhouse Dancers began performing in schools, community cultural events, colleges, pow wows, etc., in the Southwest and anywhere the public could be educated about Native Dances, songs and spirituality.
  The group incorporates intertribal social dances and songs into its dance program. Performances usually begin with an-
-Honoring Song, a song performed by the whole group, honoring the people who requested the performance.
  Then, different styles of regalia and dancing are represented in the following dances:
War Dance, usually the Grass Dance and Northern Traditional style of dancing are showcased here for the men. The women might wear traditional Navajo cloth or traditional buckskin dress. Originally this dance was done before or after a battle, to raise spirits or celebrate victory. Now this dance is a social dance and is danced at social or competition pow wows. 
Rope Dance -a dance honoring the introduction of horses to the Native Peoples by the Spanish. Ropes are braided and unbraided by four dancers, keeping in time to a fast Navajo riding song.
The horse forever changed the way Native people lived and travelled on the land.
Eagle Dance - wearing the wings of the golden eagle, the dancer goes to the four sacred directions. The eagle is highly revered among all Native people. It takes our prayers to the Creator and sees life's events from a higher perspective.
  Flute Solo -the flute, an ancient instrument used by Native peoples, was traditionally played by a warrior to attract a prospective partner. It's sound is truly natural and brings with it a spirit of peace and serenity.
Hoop Dance  an exhibition dance, done by many tribes. This dance tells a creation story, and a unique story by each hoop dancer who does it. It requires great skill to make butterfly, basket and animal designs with the hoops and simultaneously dance in time with the drum at intense speeds. This dance also symbolizes the harmony in which the creator made all things to co-exist and how we need to make a choice to be in harmony with all things that surround us. 
   The Our Father- a Native sign languaged prayer, the Native sign language done by Maria Redhouse to the singing of the "Our Father" prayer. This prayer includes all the values we believe in: open communication with the Creator: respect and reverance; humility; forgiveness for ourselves and others: and blessings for all on into eternity.
Friendship Dance  dancers invite the audience to join in and hold hands, form a circle, and do a simple two step dance. Then, a single file is formed and each person shakes the hands of everyone in the circle.  

The Redhouse Dancers are available for dance performances at schools,
and public or private events.  
call: Larry Redhouse at: 520-419-3641

Performing at the Friends Sabino Canyon Event
Larry Redhouse- The Eagle Dance

Mary Redhouse doing a Native flute solo

Lenny Redhouse doing the Hoop Dance


Rex and Maria Redhouse

The Redhouse Dancers

Maria and Charlotte Redhouse singing an Honoring Song

War Dance- Lenny and Larry Redhouse

Tony Redhouse doing the Hoop Dance

War Dance-Northern Traditional Style
larry redhouse wardance2.jpg
Larry Redhouse

Maria Redhouse doing the Our Father


The Friendship Dance
Tucson Meet Yourself Festival

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