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Souncheck for Grenoble Jazz Festival
photo-Kim Hadleigh

Grenoble Jazz Festival
photo-Kim Hadleigh

The "le dauphine LIBERE...GRENOBLE" Concert review :

"Inviting Phoenix to the Jazz Festival

  The Larry Redhouse Trio played for the first time in France

  "Such virtuosity! The talent of the American pianist, Larry Redhouse, and of his trio conquered the 250 spectators who attended the Monday night concert, in the context of the Jazz festival. The discovery of the artist occurred during a municipal delegation’s trip to Phoenix in April of 2005".

  "Conquered by the artist, we decided to book him on the program," says Jacques Panisset, director of the festival. A judicious choice. The synergy was very quickly realized between the charmed audience and the musicians".

  "To begin with Larry Redhouse. For his first concert in Europe, the Navajo Indian pianist enchanted with his prodigious fingering technique and his great virtuosity. The style of the American is indefinable. Influenced by "funk music, rock and the Indian culture" he created an original music. Everyone could recognize the airs of great standards among the improvisations". 

 " The music was executed with brio, accessible to all. "I was raised with the Indian culture which led me to search for my own spirituality. I write about the feelings that we all can feel" confides the artist, who began the piano at the age of four, like his brothers and sisters. With an extra ingredient: talent."

"le dauphine LIBERE...GRENOBLE, France"  March, 28th 2006 

Mike Levy and Robin Horn-Grenoble France
photo-Kim Hadleigh

Mike Levy
photo-Kim Hadleigh

The Grenoble Jazz Festival Performance was a huge success!
The trio received a standing ovation, and played over 2 hours for the  appreciative French audience.

Jazz Festival Director- Jaques Panisett
Councilman Gleizel, Veronica Stephan, photo- Kim Hadleigh

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